How are you coping with COVID-19? We’re listening!

Like many others we are trying to understand and cope with the practical, psychological and emotional effects of physical distancing, self-isolation, symptom monitoring and general uncertainty during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our team at Decision Partners believes we can help, in a small way, by doing what we do best – listening and learning about how people are feeling and what they are doing to cope with the changes and challenges we are all facing. That’s why we launched a weekly COVID-19 Coping Survey.

No one has sponsored this research – we’re doing it on our own. Weekly results will be posted on our website and shared with our public health colleagues and anyone else who is interested.  

We hope this work will generate useful information to help people cope a little better, and hopefully inform on-going and future pandemic decision making.

Please complete Coping Survey #3. Your input is valuable!

A new survey will be posted here every Monday.

Sign up to receive weekly survey invitations and report notifications. A new survey comes out each Monday, a report of the previous week’s survey will be posted on Wednesdays.

● Visit this page for our Coping Survey Highlight Reports and commentary.

● Please pass the survey link along to your friends, family and colleagues – we’d like to hear from everyone over 18!

We do not ask for and will not retain, sell, or pass along any personally identifiable information that may be provided. We follow all standards for conducting research, confidentiality and ensuring people’s privacy. You can learn more about us and our privacy policy on our website.

Survey Results

View weekly COVID-19 Coping Survey highlight reports:

Survey 2:
March 30-Apr. 5

Survey 1:
March 24 - 29

Media Inquiries

Please email Michael Dunn, Dunn & Associates